About us

About us

Many tenants are unfairly treated by their landlords. This can be anything from illegal rent charges to non-refundable deposit payments.

As an example, studies show that at least 33% of tenants in Denmark pay too much in rent. In particular, foreigners, including international students, who move to Denmark are subjected to unfair treatment by their landlord. For the simple reason that they do not know the law.

At BOLANDO, we know that using professional help can be costly and risky. That's why we made a no-win-no-fee pricing model. This means that you only pay a percentage of the savings we achieve for you. If we were to be so unfortunate as to lose a case, BOLANDO.dk pay all the costs. However, our statistics show that we have a success rate of 98%. So, no matter what, a case will be risk-free for you as a tenant.

Our team consists skilled experts in the field of tenancy law. In addition, we collaborate with lawyers around Denmark, which means that we have good local knowledge. We also have access to a database of more than 4,000 rental law decisions. All this means we are able to provide the best advice in the field of rental rights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help tenants achieve their rights in an affordable and safe way so that you can feel comfortable renting a property.

Our Vision

We want to become Denmark's preferred experts in the field of rental law. In this way, we can help ensure that the rental legislation is complied with for the benefit of the tenants.

Our Values

Integrity is a vital to us. Integrity leads to a reputation that is characterized by professionalism, which ultimately benefits both us, but also our clients in particular.

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