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At BOLANDO, we are experts in the field of tenancy law and offer help on most tenancy issues. When you get help from us, you only have to pay a percentage of the savings we get for you. If we don't win any money for you, pay nothing either. That way, you can start a case risk-free with professional help.

All of our cases start with filling out a form and we will do a free assessment of your case. If the case has potential, we can offer to run the case for you, and we get a percentage of the money we win.

Why choose us?

  • Free assessment of your case
  • Risk-free to start a case
  • You will be received continuous updates on the matter.
  • No Cure No Pay

Our specialities


We check if your rent is reasonable. If it is unreasonable, we will help you get the money back that you are eligible for. We also get the rent reduced for the future.

Security deposit

Hjælp til depositum
If your landlord unduly withholds your deposit, we can help you get the landlord to repay all or part of the amount.

Payments on account

husleje regler
If you believe that you have paid too much money on account, we will help you get your money back.

Illegal charges

If your landlord collects money for, for example, PBS fees, stair washing, vacancy fees or other ille-gal fees, we help demand a refund of these.

Compensation for deficiencies

If there are errors and shortcomings in your lease that the landlord has not fixed, we will help you get compensation.

Rental contracts

We will investigate your lease and check if it is completed correctly. If there are errors and omissions in the lease that provide a basis for getting compensation, we will help to demand a refund from the landlord.

How does it work?

hjælp til lejeloven - boligadvokat - advokat

1. Free assessment of the case

You start by getting a free assessment by filling out the form on our website.

We will evaluate your case based on the information you sent us through the form.

We will then let you know if your case has potential or not.

hjælp til lejeloven - boligadvokat - advokat

2. We settle the matter for you

If you want to let us run the case for you, you will receive a power of attorney to sign.

The power of attorney allows us to represent you with the landlord.

The case is set in motion. We will initially negotiate with the landlord for the purpose of finding a solution.

If the landlord refuses to comply with our requirements, we will raise a case against him with the Rent Board.
hjælp til lejeloven - boligadvokat - advokat

3. Payment of fees

The case ends either with a settlement or through the Rent Board.

You will be paid your money less our fees, which amounts from 25% of the amount.

We do not claim money from you until you have received money from the landlord.