Can you complain about the rent?

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Is there rent control in Denmark?

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Udgivet den 05.08.2023

Is there rent control in Denmark, and can you complain about your rent?

Do you suspect that your rent is too high? Don’t worry; help is available. In Denmark, there are strict rules governing how landlords can set the rent, but many still charge too much. In fact, studies show that more than 33% of tenants in Denmark pay too much in rent. If your landlord refuses to lower the rent, you can file a complaint with the Rent Tribunal.

How to File a Complaint with the Rent Tribunal?

Easily submit your complaint to the Rent Tribunal through BOLANDO. We ensure that all relevant facts are presented in a way that helps the Rent Tribunal make the right decision. Our expertise ensures you have the best chance of reducing your rent.

Important considerations for tenants when complaining to the Rent Tribunal

When complaining about rent, it’s crucial to be aware of the type of lease you have, as it affects how the rent is determined. Our specialists will thoroughly investigate the type of lease you have. Generally, the following methods are crucial for rent determination:
1. The value of the rented property 

2. Cost-based rent

3. Market value

How rent reduction works in Denmark

When you file your complaint through BOLANDO, we will contact the landlord, who will respond within a set deadline, typically 10 days. If the landlord refuses to lower the rent according to our proposal, we will present the case to the Rent Tribunal. If necessary, the Rent Tribunal will gather additional information. Once the case is adequately presented, the Rent Tribunal will make a decision. We monitor the processing times for you so that you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Possibility of Retroactive rent reduction

If we discover that your rent is unreasonably high, we may be able to obtain a retroactive rent reduction. This depends on the date you first paid rent and any rent increases within the last 12 months.

Does It cost anything to complain about rent?

At BOLANDO, you only pay a percentage of the savings we achieve for you. If you don’t get a rent reduction, you pay nothing. This way, you can get legal assistance to reduce your rent risk-free. For example, if you get a refund of 1000 DKK, you would pay 25% to BOLANDO, which amounts to 250 DKK.

Why choose BOLANDO?

At BOLANDO, we are experts in tenancy law. We assist hundreds of tenants every month with a success rate of 98%. Our concept is simple and fair. We always offer a free assessment of your case. If the case has potential, we can handle it for you. In that case, we represent you in dealing with the landlord. Initially, we will try to reach a settlement with the landlord. If the landlord disputes our claims, we will present the case to the authorities. You only pay a percentage of the amount we win for you or the expense you avoid paying. If we don’t obtain any money for you or achieve any savings, it won’t cost you anything. This way, with professional help, you can start a case risk-free.

  • Free case evaluation
  • No Cure No Pay
  • 98% success rate