Success story: tenant reduces rent by 2,150 DKK

Rent law Denmark - tenancy law - depositum law
Rent law Denmark - tenancy law - depositum law

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Published on November 22, 2019 

A tenant from Odense C contacted BOLANDO in September 2019 because she believed she was paying too much in rent. In addition to the rent, the landlord had promised the tenant to build a balcony. Despite the tenant’s repeated objections, the landlord never built the balcony.

BOLANDO assessed that the rent was too high and that there was a binding agreement to build the balcony. We therefore contacted the landlord, who referred us to their lawyer. To the landlord’s lawyer, we demanded both a reduction in rent and the construction of a balcony.

After several conversations, the lawyer agreed to a reduction in rent of 2,150 DKK. per month. In addition, the lawyer agreed that a balcony would be built within 6 months. Furthermore, the lawyer agreed that the rent reduction should be retroactive for 12 months. This meant that the tenant received a total rent reduction of 25,800 DKK. for the months she had already paid.

Finally, BOLANDO demanded that the landlord reduce the deposit proportionally to the rent reduction, which the lawyer accepted. This resulted in an additional repayment of 6,450 DKK. The future rent was reduced from 7,400 DKK. per month to 5,250 DKK. per month for a 60 m2 new apartment in Odense C. The apartment also had brand new appliances.

Both BOLANDO, the tenant, and the landlord were satisfied with the outcome. In particular, because both parties, by agreeing to a settlement agreement, avoided a long-drawn-out case at the rent tribunal and potentially the housing court.

If you also believe that your rent is too high, you can have it checked for free at BOLANDO. See below for more information.

Are you unsure of your rights? Get a free and non-binding assessment of your case

Are you unsure of your rights? Get a free and non-binding assessment of your case.

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